Fun, food, fabulous crafts

MN Craft fair will showcase community craft, support school


Felicia Xiong

The Craft Fair will feature a variety of items, including flowers, jewelry, and much more.

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer

Walking through the rows of booths you see a variety of different people showing off a variety of things, from jewelry to cupcakes, no booth is the same.

The First Annual Millard North Craft Fair will take place in the commons on Oct. 26 from 9-3pm. There is much in store for students who attend the craft fair. Vendors will be selling and showing off everything  from metal working to quilts.

“There’s a lot of different mediums we’re going to have at the show. That was one of the things that I really tried to work on was to try and get a variety of what people do,”  Mustang Booster Club head Kim Fendrick said.

There will also be food and a bake sale, so attendants can eat while they browse. The admission money will go to sports, clubs, and other activities at school.

 “We decided to do it [craft fair] so that we could raise money by having the community take part so that we can distribute and help support activities, clubs, and sporting teams at the school through the booster club. We could support things like After Prom or show choir and the sound system in the auditorium,” Fendrick said.

Many people will be working at the Craft Fair, trying to raise money for the school, meet new people and get their name out there.

“I’m looking forward to being able to help support the school and meet different parents and crafters.  I am usually just as big of a buyer as I am a seller at these things! We are also hoping to sell lots of our items and meet new customers,” athletic trainer and participant Lisa Moore said.

With all of the crafts and food, they will need student volunteers to help unload crafts Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and will need help packing up after the fair. Clubs and students are  invited to volunteer for set up and tear down, as well as helping out during the event. The basketball team and the cheer team are among those that have already volunteered.

“All clubs and activities will have the opportunity to sign up on a first come first serve basis.  The more involved a group is the higher percent of funds they will be eligible to receive,” activities director Chad Zimmerman said.

All the fun and food will be at the craft fair, which costs $3 for admission. So, come help out, or just see, the  crafts that are on display at the First Annual Millard North Craft Fair.