Fighting for equity

Student-led organization provides educational resources for all

Mahika Kanchanam, Staff Writer

“Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.” 

These words regarding education inequity spoken by Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor emphasize a social issue sweeping American schools.

Nicole Amato, a teacher at Pritzker College Prep addressed her concerns regarding the lack of scholastic resources in “The New York Times”

Many teachers, especially in urban schools, are working with at-risk students with very few of the necessary resources to support them,” Amato“A classroom of 35-plus students without books is hardly a learning environment, especially when compared to suburban and private schools where the average class size is 20 students and resources are plentiful.”

Simple Studies is an organization that aims to mitigate the implications of education inequity. Through the organization, volunteers give students the opportunity to get some extra help with their classes, along with helping others as well.  

Not all students have the resources for their education, and Simple Studies works towards helping those individuals.

Simple Studies is absolutely free, so anyone can access these study guides, which is really great,”  Head Representative for Nebraska Shreeya Shapkota said. 

In addition to study guides, Simple Studies has many resources to offer, including a blog, scholarship announcements, a study buddy program, tutoring, and much more.  

These blogs “can help students through some of the toughest parts of high school,” Shapkota said.  

All of these resources are created by high school students to ensure a shared experience among volunteers and those seeking assistance.

The volunteer positions within the organization are endless. You can choose to be a content creator and become a part of the team that helps put together the study guides. You can also be a regional representative like Shapkota and help introduce Simple Studies to more schools. 

Junior Luke McDermott is a tutor for Simple Studies. He started tutoring on Jan. 16 and  has already had many students come to him for help. 

“What I love about tutoring is that moment when it finally clicks for the other student,” McDermott said. 

McDermott believes that he has benefitted from Simple Studies because he is now able to go over subjects he is passionate about while helping other students reach their full potential as well.

Simple Studies offers a multitude of opportunities and is working towards making a positive impact. 

“I think that what Simple Studies is doing is a really great initiative, which is why I decided to join the team,” Shapkota said. “I feel like more people would really like to have the opportunity to help out with a great cause.”

If you want to be a part of the organization or reach out for some extra help, be sure to check out their website.

“Finally, Simple Studies has a server on the app Discord. On this server, students can make friends with other students that are taking the same classes as them, all over the nation, and even the world! On the server, students can chat, as well as receive help from tutors on the server (which is another service hour position that people can apply for)”