10 years: not a curtain call

A surprise for drama teacher’s 10 years at MN


Jeffrey Zimmerly

A COMMEMORATIVE QUILT: Students present a quilt of play and musical T-shirts from the last 10 years. The quilt was commissioned by English teacher drama assistant Kari Murphy.

Megan Townsend, Staff Writer

“Theatre is a collaborative art form that is constantly changing,” said theatre teacher Michelle Williamson.

In 10 years, Williamson has seen a lot of change. She’s assisted countless students to follow their dreams and get creative in theater as techies and actors, and it doesn’t now.

Williamson’s dedication to her work and her students led them to want to give something back. In a surprising turn of events, Williamson was presented with a t-shirt quilt to commemorate the last ten years of shows presented to her by colleague *first* Murphy and current and past students.

“I was so humbled and thankful that my current students, as well as students who have graduated some even up to 9 years ago, came back to make me feel special,” Williamson said.

Successfully producing Shakespeare, Greek tragedies, dramas, and comedies, the drama program has grown tremendously under Williamson’s direction.

“I think that what I’m most proud of is the amount of work and skill the students undertake and the professional shows they have produced,” Williamson said.

In the future, Williamson looks forward to further challenging the students of the drama department, encouraging creativity and collaboration through theatre. She looks forward to the possibilities that the years to come bring, and can’t wait to see how her students learn and grow as performers and technicians.

“She has been a huge role model for me, and has largely helped me grow into the actor and person I am today” senior Brianna Guthmiller said.