Whimsical waterkolor works

Paintings made and sold by sophomore student


PICTURESQUE PAINTING: The paintings were created by Hannah Branson and are sold on her website and instagram account. Instagram: @hannahswaterkolors Website: Hannahswaterkolors.com

Jessi Mumm, Staff Writer

Watercolors, paint brushes, cardstock, and a pair of Converse are among many things 16 year-old Hannah Branson uses to create her own art business.

Branson, a sophomore, grew her passion for painting into an Instagram account. Currently, she  sells her artwork for $15-$20 under the name Hannah’s Waterkol:ors to over 100 followers through her social media  and website.

“I started creating paintings in large quantities and thought, ‘Why not sell them?’” Branson said.

Branson’s love for watercolors started over winter break in 8th grade. While being homeschooled, she was introduced to them during the art unit.

“I tried all different mediums, but I loved the way watercolors looked on paper and the pastel colors they make,” Branson said.

Cardstock is not the only canvas Branson uses. She paints pairs of Converse and the covers of Bibles, creating pastel images of flowers and nature along with using calligraphy to add inspiring quotes.

“Painting on things that people use in their everyday lives is just a way my art can impact people’s lives. I love coming up with ideas to go with their personalities,” Branson said.

Her Instagram account began as a way to showcase her artwork and sell it to friends and peers. Now, she attends local craft fairs to grow her business. Earning around $120 at each show, Branson uses that money to pay for art supplies or to go toward mission trips.

While capturing the attention of many customers, Branson invited her friend, sophomore Kaelynn Thomas to come and help her market at a craft fair.

“She was looking for a business partner and working together at the craft fair and selling products was really fun, so I decided to continue working with her,” Thomas said.

Thomas is in charge of posting pictures and videos on Instagram of the different products Branson creates.  The two girls work together to promote the business and take orders.

“Hannah is one of the kindest and most genuine people I know. The way she uses her talents to bless people is inspiring,” Thomas said.

Using her artistic abilities to create artwork for friends and family is what also makes Branson’s work so different. Every piece has a personal touch to it.

“I’m on swim team and practically spend my life at the pool, so Hannah has created swimming art for me and it’s very special,” freshman Stephanie Branson said.

Not knowing if she’ll necessarily continue with art as her career, Branson will always have a passion for using her imagination.

Currently Branson takes a painting class at MN while being involved in track and cross country. Along with her art Instagram account, she also runs an account posting encouraging words and religious affirmations.

“I try to spread love and encouragement through my paintings and posts. That is the most important thing to me,” Branson said.