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The Hardhat is passed for the winter season


Peytan Schulte, Sports Editor

“Let’s get a little bit rowdy- R-O-W-D-Y!” MN doesn’t have your average student section. Leading the crowd, whether it’s football or basketball season, you’ll find a senior with a hardhat on, front and center, pumping the crowd up.

The Hardhat has been a tradition at MN for many years. Principal Brian Begley witnessed the first hard hat being created.

“I was in my first year as principal when a student named Nick Jansen started this tradition. Not exactly sure of the how or why…,” Begley said.

The Hardhat’s job is to get the student section excited for the game and to lead them in chants. It is an important job and it is not taken lightly.

This year, the Mustang’s fans were led by senior Nick Ferrarini during football season. Before the ball was snapped, he had the crowd excited and ready to cheer, regardless of how the game was going. To achieve this, there are certain characteristics that the Hardhat must possess.

“[The Hardhat] has to have a lot of school spirit, and be energetic and passionate about MN,” Ferrarini said.

Begley also believes that their are traits that make a great Hardhat.

“Ultimately, being respectful of our opponents while being supportive of our teams is key to a successful “hard-hat” leader. Good sportsmanship is vital,” Begley said.

Because Ferrarini plays basketball in the winter, the position must be passed on to another devoted senior. The Hardhat was inherited by senior Cade Elwood, the quarterback of the football team, who will be making the transition from calling plays to leading chants.

“I know Cade will be really good at it because I know that he is very passionate about MN basketball. I thought he would be a good choice for it,” Ferrarini said.

Begley is hopeful for this new season and believes Cade is great for the job.

“Cade is the next man in, and I am confident that he and our other seniors will be a positive force leading our students throughout the winter activities season,” Begley said.

Encouraged by the prospects of the upcoming season, Elwood is eager to lead the chants for the basketball teams.

“I’m excited to get the student section rowdy and watch the basketball teams win some games this year,” Elwood said.

Every fan wants to see their team win, but with the Hardhat providing leadership and entertainment for the crowd, win or lose, there is a supportive, positive atmosphere for student athletes.