From pen and paper to hard covers, Knutson get published

From president to author

Alisa Prater, Staff Writer

“No matter how small the idea, it always turns into something big,”  Kaylee Knutson said, The small light bulb moments led the author to create her novel, “Breaking the Ice”. 

Since her days of pencil grips and graphic erasers, Knutson has always expressed her love for the art of writing in any form. After four years, she now holds the position of President of the Writers’ Club and is in the progress of self-publishing three books. 

Before eventually assuming the role as president of the Writer’s Club, Knutson first joined the club her freshman year. Since her initiation, Knutson has been deeply committed. 

“[She] always put 100% into the club, she enthusiastically shares what she is writing about [and] she creates activities for the club,” Writers Club Sponsor Chris Carroll said. 

Her passion for writing took off in 6th grade after just dabbling in character development and co-writing her first story with her best friend, Arthur. 

Annually, Knutson submits and performs a poem at the “Living the Dream” competition that’s sponsored by the City of Omaha and is held on Martin Luther King’s Day.  She secured the first place spot in the song group and runner-up in the poem class at this year’s competition. The competition comes with cash prizes that Knutson plans to use towards college fees and costs.  

Knutson’s realization that she wanted to be an author was triggered one morning while reading a story on the popular app Wattpad.

While reading through hundreds of creative stories Knutson was approached with a thought, why hasn’t anybody come up with an idea and give me a book that I want to read? From there, Knutson birthed the pseudonym K.A. Knutson, and now, just a few years later, Knutson is set to publish her novel on May 19th, 2021. 

Kaylee contributes the development of her writing to two High School teachers,Christine Caroll, her club advisor, and Monica Kaufmann, her AP Language teacher.

“They got me into the habit of asking myself why this relates to me,”  Knutson said. “By doing that helped shape me by writing into a more complex style.”

She writes the story that she wants to read without regard for censorship. In her writing, Knutson talks about certain social issues covering social identity, sexuality, LGBTQ+, and personal growth while incorporating unique concepts and differentiating plots. In her novel, “Breaking the Ice”, a young boy struggles with keeping a secret from the world while discovering himself through his passion.

 He struggles with identifying the difference between romantic relationships and companionship and has to navigate life in a house of eight kids, in a world of stereotypes and insensitivity.

 London finds peace in his passion and harmony in his new friendship. The six-part disquisition covers multiple points of view and includes unique syntax to tell a complex story that everyday people live on a daily basis.

“I call it contemporary romance and sports,” Knutson said. “It’s a rare genre but combines my favorite categories into one.”

 Behind the fictional character is her best friend, Arthur, who is the basis for London, the main character.

  “He’s an inspiration with everything he’s been through and is actually the inspiration behind the main character,” Knutson said, 

She dedicates the novel to Arthur including a simple note on the beginning dedication page “has the right to be heard.”

Kaylee Knutson started by writing short stories with her best friend, Arthur, during her middle school years to self-publish her very own novel her senior year of high school. She uses inspiration for her writing style through the creative works of not only anime but also the creative reads on the app Wattpad. 

Many teachers in her life have instilled tips to her process in order to better progress more complex and well-rounded stories. Her new novel, “Breaking the Ice”, is her first step to becoming a household name. By early May, Knutson is anticipating the pre-order and expects to officially release “Breaking the Ice” by May 19th, 2021.