A ‘wonder’ful role

A different type of show earns Maddie McCabe a solo


Keirsten Harkleroad, Staff Writer

Colors flood the stage during show choir season. Infinity, Illumination, and Intensity present their shows after months of hard work and long practices. Their vocals ring through competitions while they move the audience through dance. During all of this, the spotlight is focused on one person: junior Maddie McCabe.

“She is a wonderful student and actress. She listens to every critique and continues to tweak and make her character that much more believable,” choir director Megan Tantillo said.

McCabe earned the role of Alice in this year’s Alice in Wonderland themed show. This title was obtained through an auditioning process in August where the students performed a solo, judged by the show choir choreographers. Although McCabe continuously works hard, she faces difficulties as well.

“The most difficult part of show choir is stamina. It is hard to sing well, dance well, have facials, transition, and everything in between simultaneously while breathing still,”  McCabe said.

Still, McCabe appreciates the music. She is planning on taking a musical career path. While she is not yet sure specifically what job she will pursue, her love for music will lead the way. A part of this appreciation comes directly from the show choir atmosphere.

“I believe the best attribute of a show choir is the moments when students feel a great deal of togetherness. Whether that is found in a great rehearsal or on stage, it is whenever students feel connected to one another,” Tantillo said.

Tantillo recognizes the unity often found in the show choir groups. Even with the different styled performance, the bond remains present. This change in form, although not common, seems to be favored among performers.

“I think story shows are much more interesting and are more enjoyable overall,”  McCabe said.

This choice, made by  Tantillo’s staff, was picked in order to give a more magical feel. The story was slightly modified to portray a more uplifting message than the original Alice in Wonderland. Even with modifications, the show seems to be a fan favorite.

“I have loved past shows that I’ve been in that haven’t been story shows, but I definitely love this show the most,”  McCabe said.

From freshman year to junior year,  McCabe has dedicated her time to practices, rehearsals, and the shows themselves. She has accepted criticism and has learned to improve through it all. McCabe, and many others, have worked intensely to bring the show to life. And with the growing support for the show choir groups, students will continue to impress the crowd, leaving the audience in wonder every time.