Falling For Fall

Laurel Westerman, Staff Writer

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In Nebraska, most can agree: the Henry Doorly is the best zoo, Husker games are serious, and Vala’s Pumpkin Patch has been a Halloween tradition for generations. However, there is much more to fall than Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. Haunted Hollow, Scary Ares, and the Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch/Ranch of Terror make a pretty good case for being added to your October docket.

For those uninterested in a night of fright, the Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch/Ranch of Terror may be just right for you. The cost is $13 for a “single scare event,” and $22 to include the haunted house. This off-season berry farm has activities  perfect for the whole family in the day, followed by a tad scarier evening.

a great way to view the sprawling hills and tangling pumpkin vines in the day is their hayrack ride; when night rolls in, and hills seemingly fog over, the ghoulish actors come out to play. These “ghouls” can scare you with a booming cry, or an unexpected face hovering over the wagon’s side.  Other day activities range from face painting and pumpkin picking to zombie walking. At night, there’s a “zombie jail,” a decorated forest the hayrack goes through, and “haunted caves.”

If you are capable of experiencing fear, visit Scary Acres. Virtually nestled in the middle of nowhere, this attraction requires an anticipation fueled ride down a winding gravel road even before reaching the unassuming parking lot. The park is meticulously detailed, leaving no wall uncovered or without a backstory; nearly any description is an understatement. Every aspect looks fresh from American Horror Story. Attractions change annually, making each visit completely different.  Attractions purchasable separately, or all 3 for $25.

Est. in 1999, Haunted Hollow’s evident experience creates a “must” for  Halloween veterans. Contrary to Scary Acres, where no jumpscares/actors are outside attractions, scares are everywhere; any sense of security is false. The park consists of scattered haunted houses of varying themes/fright levels, with a main multi-level house, all covered by an initial $25. Among these are cafés with board games; seeing chainsaw wielding pig-masked men chasing people while others play checkers is definitely a sight. A clear difference between Haunted Hollow and Scary Access lies in their attractions remaining the same, but if you’re scared by these once, you’ll be scared again.

Each park sells food, prohibits actors touching attendees, and acts as charities, offering $1 off admission for canned foods; additional food accepted without reduction after 3.

No matter your interests, Nebraska has you covered with attractions ranging from a lighthearted Bellevue to bone-chilling Haunted Hollow and Scary Acres.




Scary Acres: 17272 Giles Rd, For more information, and coupons, contact (402) 896-9666 or check out their self-titled website.


Haunted Hollow: 120th & Giles Rd., available for more information at (402) 896-1920, and hauntedhollowomaha.com.


Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch: 11001 South 48th Street, Papillion, NE 68133. (402)-452-9956 or bellevueberryfarm.com.

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