Best brunch bites

Munching through the best brunch places in Omaha

Isa Luzarraga, Entertainment Editor

Hearing the mini silver bells chime as I cross the threshold fills me with anticipation. I inhale the sweet smells of maple french toast, sizzling bacon, and roast coffee as I’m escorted to my booth. Under the warm, fluorescent lights, I smile and await my favorite meal of the day: brunch.

Sometimes regarded as an underrated meal, brunch gives you the best of all worlds: sweet, savory, sour, spicy; all the flavors are there for the taking. But the true question lies elsewhere. Where is the best spot to get brunch in Omaha? I narrowed it down to three top-rated restaurants, each with diverse menus and eccentric environments. So let’s grab our syrup bottles and get to brunching.

Waking up around 10, I already know traditional breakfast is out of the question. So I head to the crown jewel of West Omaha brunch places: LePeep. Upon arriving, I first order their Strawberry Fields smoothie. The frosty smoothie is served in a mug and is rich in both strawberry flavor and sustenance.

But of course, my sweet tooth is never satisfied, until a piping hot cinnamon roll is delivered to my table. Practically drowning in cream cheese frosting, it was difficult to find the actual pastry. By the time I reach the actual cinnamon roll, it is soggy from the sugary smothering. All in all, the smoothie has become one of my definite favorites, but the cinnamon roll was a miss.

Heading farther East is another brunch gem, the Saddlecreek Breakfast Club. The restaurant looks like a quaint cottage with a thatched wooden roof made even more charming by the goodies inside. After a 20 minute long wait of inhaling the fumes of freshly ground coffee, I am finally seated at the polished wood breakfast bar.

The menu is slightly small compared to that of LePeep, but I still find a definite winner: banana bread french toast. The sugary sweet concoction is an upgrade from your traditional french toast with a thick slice of banana bread in place of your regular brioche. This standout is definitely worth the wait.

The last stop of my brunch expedition takes me to South Omaha to the diner-like atmosphere of Louie M’s. The checkered tiled floors and red vinyl booths evoke nostalgia as the voice of Elvis sounds from the jukebox in the corner. Louie M’s Burger Lust is known for just that, their burgers. So I have to order their traditional ½ pounder topped with cheese and bacon.

The meat is tender, juicy, and all around delicious. Crispy crinkle fries make the perfect accompaniment. After leafing through the massive menu a second time, I order a stack of blueberry pancakes just to finish brunch off the right way. The bursts of warm blueberries mixed with the maple syrup form heaven in a bite.

Reflecting back on my brunches with a full stomach, I can objectively say I would go back to all these places. LePeep is perfect for a traditional brunch and at a reasonable price. Saddlecreek has delicious dishes with a new twist that will satisfy any brunch-goers. And Louie M’s has the menu variety and old-time atmosphere that anyone would enjoy.

So whether you’re stuck between breakfast or lunch to satisfy your cravings, don’t settle for just one. I’ll be sitting in a booth, eating my stack of pancakes and side of bacon for the best meal of the day: brunch.