Superintendent Send-Off

Millard Superintendent Jim Sutfin retires from his position after 33 years in Milllard

Jim Sutfin sits behind his desk with his eyes locked on his computer screen. He is in a Twitter battle with the students from his own district and the retweets for a snow day are overwhelming. 

After hours of debate and scrolling through comment sections, the snow day is finally called. The Millard students are overjoyed for a day off and Sutfin is happy to connect with students and perform one of his favorite parts of his job. 

After 33 years of being a teacher and then superintendent, Sutfin has decided on retiring at the end of the school year. 

After graduating from Millard South High School in 1985, he started his teaching career in 1995 at Millard West. 

Along with teaching AP biology, Sutfin was a student council sponsor and track coach. He later decided he wanted an administrative position and became the assistant principal at Russell Middle School, and later principal at Central Middle School and, eventually District Assistant Superintendent. 

“I look back and it’s hard to not be emotional about it. 33 years in this business and it has been the most unbelievable ride,” Sutfin said. 

For the last two and a half years, Sutfin has put his best effort into fighting for activities programs within the district and keeping students in school during the pandemic. 

“I hope what the students remember is that I was an advocate for them. I’ve always been all about kids,” Sutfin said.

As much as Sutfin loves his job, he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and working a less time-consuming job without so many responsibilities. 

“I’m not ready to not do anything, but I’m just ready to not make the commitment that this job requires,” Sutfin said 

Over the years, Sutfin has played a large role in Millard students’ lives. Student Board Member, Makenna Jolley, meets monthly with Sutfin and has found him to be a great role model. 

“I’m really sad about it, I think he has been a great leader for our school and he’s done a lot of great things for the district,” Jolley said. 

Jolley has found Sutfin to be a good mentor. He has inspired her to take certain classes and participate in activities. Jolley thinks the district will change but she is excited for the new Superintendent. 

“I think that the people are going to be looking for another strong leader because Dr. Sutfin has been the face of Millard for so long,” Jolley said. 

Sutfin wasn’t able to call a final snow day for the district like he wanted, but his days in the district office aren’t completely over. Director of Communications Rebecca Kleeman plans on calling Sutfin any time she can’t find her office supplies. 

“I don’t think he’ll go that far away, so I think if we’ll need him then he’ll be a phone call away,” Kleeman said.  

Although Sutfin is leaving his position as superintendent, he will never truly leave the district. If you ever need him, he’s only one tweet away.