A blast from the past

Tech trends take on revitalized role for Gen Z

Shruti Chada, Staff Writer

Back to the Future is an iconic film that is still present in media today. But it is a perfect example that modern day society is turning back the clock with it’s trends, bringing back Minecraft, Tik Tok, vinyl and polaroids.

Nostalgia plays a big role in how different trends come up in mainstream media. An example of that is Minecraft, a game that has made a resurgence in media with the presence of Minecraft YouTubers. This trend has somewhat continued in the comeback of Tik Tok and polaroids. 

“The appeal for me would be the most flexibility and creativity. If you want to be a nomad and explore, there’s options for that, but there’s also options for red stone masters, electricians, and enhancers and builders and there’s so many options appealing to different people and their interests,”  sophomore Audrey Cherek said.

The appeal for some people comes from the relaxing quality of Minecraft. You can do whatever you want. It’s up to you what your experience is. For example, some people might enjoy fighting mobs and others might prefer the interior design aspect. Polaroids on the other hand, are a different kind of trend than Minecraft.

“Polaroids were always a thing, and I think that I like polaroids better because they’re easier to use because it’s not all digital, and you can just take the picture and go. You can carry it with you easier, and the format is really pleasing too,” sophomore Kristine Roberts said.

Polaroids became more present in mainstream media when the vintage hipster aesthetic was stronger. Unlike Minecraft they were the byproduct of the vintage, thrift shop aesthetic. The pictures a polaroid produces have a vintage style. People also like the instant gratification that comes with taking pictures on a polaroid. You get pictures automatically, and people usually don’t go and print pictures anymore. It’s a bit more of a hassle. 

“I like to take polaroids of my friends and family because then you can look back and remember these people in a way that reminds you of the past,” said freshman  Riddhi Munjewar.

However, if you take a picture in the moment, the memory of the good memories that you have is more associated with the picture than if you had gotten it printed.Picking the pictures that you want printed and then going to get them printed seems clinical because you don’t get the picture right in the moment. The picture still has memories if it’s printed, but there are more memories attached to the  polaroid. 

Another trend that may be coming back is vinyl. More vintage kinds of music are being re-released in vinyl form. 

Some of the appeal may come from a strictly aesthetic perspective, like the art that the vinyl shows or the vintage aesthetic that the vinyl represents. The old technology displays a little bit of history within each record. The physicality can play a part too. Being able to have the record with makes you more attached to it because you have something physical to associate with the music. 

“I appreciate owning physical versions of music. Not having to stream your music reminds me of simpler times. Moreover, digging through crates and crates of old records at record shops is exhilarating,” senior Ryan Weiss said. 

Most of the trends that come back in the future are inherently linked to the nostalgia from the past. It plays a big role in how different things resurface in mainstream media.  Sometimes a blast to the past is needed to make things feel fresh again.