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The best coaching

Rylie Mendez, Staff Writer October 1, 2019

Volleyball has been a big part of Lindsay Peterson’s life ever since she stepped onto the court at age 11.  However, it wasn’t until years later, as a junior in college, that she decided she wanted...

Running with pep in their step

Rebecca Kucera, Staff Writer October 1, 2019

The sun beats down on their faces as they push through to the end. Run, breathe, repeat. Their tired muscles ache as they round the next curve. Run breathe, repeat. Eyeing the finish line, they gain another...

WATER WINGS:Sophomore Hannah Hailu competes in the butterfly during a 2019 meet. Hailu placed 1st in the 100 fly at the Metro Conferences, and she placed 3rd in the 100 fly and 5th in the 100 back at State.

Wading through winning waters

Isa Luzarraga, Entertainment Editor June 6, 2019

Heart pounding, sophomore swimmer Hannah Hailu jumps up and down, shaking out all the jitters before her start. A long whistle echoes off the tiles of the pool deck, summoning the swimmers to the blocks....

Summer, sweat, SWAT

Sree Kolli, Online Editor June 6, 2019

As summer time approaches, many students are thinking about relaxing somewhere far away, waking up late everyday, or staying up at night watching movie after movie.   However, for many athletes, this...

Construction continues
near the softball field on
what will soon be two
new buildings serving
as a press box, restroom
facility, and storage area
for multiple sports. The
project began last October
and is scheduled to be
completed in July, just in
time for softball season in
the fall.

Ballpark build-ups

Peyton Hainline, Sports Editor June 6, 2019

Porta potties, equipment scattered in four separate locations, and scrambling in and out of the school for water will soon be problems of the past for the softball team. In October of 2018, construction...

KICKING OUT COMPETITION: Last years girls soccer team jump up and down with joy as they fight their way into finals

Defending the name

Peyton Hainline, Sports Editor June 6, 2019

Over the past several years, the girls soccer team have proven their dominance and climbed their way to the top of the food chain. The Mustangs have appeared in the last three consecutive State Championship...

Inclusion on the court

Inclusion on the court

Kylie Smith, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Squeaking shoes and loud cheering greet you as you walk into the gym to watch the unified basketball team. They score a point and the crowd goes wild. The team, coaches and parents are all crying happy...

No More Nike

Peyton Hainline, Sports Editor April 26, 2019

In 2016 sports leagues and programs around the nation were turned upside when NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, decided that instead of standing up for what he believed in, he was going to kneel down. Kaepernick...

Drowning out the noise

Drowning out the noise

Sree Kolli, Online Editor February 18, 2019

The sounds of the basketball thudding on the sneaker-scuffed floor is all the players can hear as they make their way across the court after scoring on the previous play. “Everything else is white...

Mind over dive

Mind over dive

Mckenzie Nelson, Co-Editor-In-Chief February 18, 2019

Pointed toes, straight legs and a clean entry that just slips through the water, but the most essential part to any dive isn’t found after jumping off the diving board rather it is all decided by the...

Star swimmer sidelined

Anjali Pullabhotla, Staff Writer December 9, 2018

For any athlete, an unpredicted injury can have the worst of consequences. While being benched is the most immediate, for athletes like Luke Eichmann there is also the growing uncertainty of the future. After...

Triple threat commits

Rachel Holt, Staff Writer December 9, 2018

College decisions.  The two words that fill seniors with dread and fear as they face the dauntless task of choosing what school to attend or what major to pursue. For three seniors however, this burden...

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