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Red, White, and Biden

Bridget Neville, Front Page Editor February 5, 2021

After four years of “Making America Great Again”, a new America is on the horizon, one “For All Americans”. With more than 7 million votes favoring then-President-Elect Joseph R. Biden of Delaware...

Honoring a community

Isa Luzarraga, Editor-in-Cheif October 30, 2020

Senior Sara Foley** first came out to her best friend over three paragraphs of text on Snapchat. Finally confiding in someone that she was bisexual, Foley was scared at this vulnerability. Her friend came...

Safety with school spirit

Safety with school spirit

Deeksha Shridher, Staff Writer October 10, 2020

Green. Blue. White. Repeat. As the vivid paint shoots out of their spray cans, the dance team traces out the Millard North logo onto the driveways of students from all grades. The dance team is using...

New year new rules

New year new rules

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer October 10, 2020

You enter the school, the front entrance is filled with a strange silence, and it’s almost empty, everybody rushing directly to their first hour where the smell of rubbing alcohol fills your nose. You...

Virtual is the new reality

Virtual is the new reality

Mahika Kanchanam, Staff Writer October 10, 2020

Wake up, eat, sleep, repeat. After a long summer of social distancing and not much to do, it feels good to get back into the flow of things. While you know it may be awhile before you see your peers in...

Empty stands, full spirits

Empty stands, full spirits

Bridget Neville and Aiden Lewald October 10, 2020

The stands should be packed, students standing elbow to elbow beaming with pride watching their Mustangs perform. Students should be anticipating their senior nights, celebrating  all that the class...

Redevelopment in North Omaha

Isa Luzarraga, Lifestyle Editor June 7, 2020

In the midst of a summer filled with updates on the current pandemic and heightening racial tensions, the purchasing of multiple blocks of property in North Omaha between 24th Street and Lake Street has...

Light in a Pandemic

Anna Pipinos, Staff Writer May 23, 2020

“Big or small, celebrity or common, there are several inspiring stories of how the community is coming together to support each other. I felt like I had to do something. I had to do my share of it. Every...

New Year, New Library

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer May 23, 2020

You walk into the library on the first day of school and what you see is nothing familiar. You’ll see a mixture of high and low tables surrounding bookshelves in the center of the room. You’ll see...

Lesson from Remote Learning

Anjali Pullabhotla, Opinions Editor April 25, 2020

Broken routines. Missed extracurriculars. Virtual graduation. For students across the country, the coronavirus has seemingly destroyed all semblance of normalcy. Most noticeably, the hallmark of high school,...

Tall Tales of COVID-19

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

People’s lives have changed in drastic ways because of this virus that has swept the world. However, the rumors about the virus seem to be spreading faster than the virus itself. These rumors are a response...

Millard Pandemic Support

Lily Taylor, Sports Editor April 23, 2020

  Lights turned off, signs across doors, websites shut down, phone calls directed straight to voicemail. Amidst the recent COVID-19 outbreak, businesses all around Omaha have closed their doors to the...

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