Fa-So-La La Land

One of the film industry’s big triumphs

Madeline Halgren, Staff Writer

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For any musical theatre or film aficionado, “La La Land” has become a staple movie that represents life, love and troubles that come with it. But, you do not have to be either of those to have a passionate appreciation for this dance-filled dramedy.

“La La Land”, set in modern day Los Angeles, follows the lives of Mia, a struggling actress, played by Emma Stone and Sebastian, an aspiring jazz club owner and musician played by Ryan Gosling. Within the first 10 minutes, they have their first interaction and thus begins their electric love story.

The musical aspects of the film make it seem like one is watching a fairytale, but as their love story unfolds, viewers of the film learn about the struggle for a dream and people you may have to leave behind.

Unlike most movies made in modern day, “La La Land” takes an innovative spin on classic Hollywood style films. This is accomplished by making the plot more realistic. This is accomplished by replacing the typical “fairytale” ending while still providing the aspects of a “feel-good” love story.

In more technical ways, “La La Land” is commonly noted for its spectacular cinematography. The opening scene of the film was taken all in one shot. Along with that, the music and performances were all live, not pre-recorded like most musical films.

A lot of what makes this movie special is the way it uses symbolism through music and color schemes. There are frequent dream sequences in the film that are used to express the false idea many people have that performers and celebrities live perfect lives. The music transports audience members into that ‘perfect’ world only to later discover harsh realities.

Colors are also used in a fascinating way. In the opening scene, the screen is bright; projecting yellows, greens, and bright blues to describe the glamorous and goal-oriented dreamers of Los Angeles. As Mia and Sebastian’s story is told, the colors become dimmer and less bright until the end when the only the colors are left are black and dark blue. These colors transition to illustrate the moods that are constantly evolving throughout the film.

The technical and symbolic aspects “La La Land” incorporates into the film make it insurmountable. Already this year it has won seven Golden Globes including, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

It has been recently nominated for a record 14 Oscars, only tying with the Titanic and All About Eve. It is predicted to be a frontrunner for Best Picture and Best Original Score.

“La La Land” is not only a fun-loving musical love story, but a film that reminds us all of the importance and struggles for dreams. It has encaptured audiences across the world and has received high honors. The creativity and innovation of this film makes it one you will want to watch over and over.

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Fa-So-La La Land