Chris Hemstworth confirms the change that Thor will suffer in ‘Infinity War’

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The character will not be the only one who modifies his image in the new of ‘The Avengers’

Besides being one of Marvel’s funniest films, ‘Watch Thor Ragnarok Full movie online ‘ is a film that contains some key data for the evolution of the MCU’s cosmic plot, already launched towards the imminent confrontation with Thanos in ‘Infinity War ‘ . And is that in addition to the return of the Hulk, the new adventure of the God of Thunder has meant great changes for another of the Avengers that will be reflected in the film directed by the brothers Russo.
Without hammer, without hair and without one of his eyes

In an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Chris Hemstworth has confirmed that in ‘Infinity War’ will have the same appearance as in the end of ‘Ragnarok’. That is, without a hammer, without a mane and without one of his eyes.

And is that after fighting his sister Hela , Thor loses his right eye , so that like his father Odin, now also wearing a patch in the eye.


“Yes, we took it to the movie with the eye patch you see in this movie,” Hemstworth said in the interview. This confirms that Thor’s appearance will not be exactly what it was in the preview of ‘Infinity War’ at the Comic-Com in San Diego last summer, where Thor was shown with a shaved head but no eye patch. . A strategy of ‘Marvel Studios’ not to reveal any details about the plot of Ragnarok.

Radical changes in the characters of ‘Infinity War’

And Thor will not be the only one of the Avengers that modifies his appearance in Infinity War . The latest filtered promotional images of the film show other radical changes in the characters, for example Scarlett Johansson , a Black Widow with platinum blonde hair and new suit; Chris Evans , a bearded Steve Rogers; Robert Downey Jr. , who as usual tends to wear new armor; or Tom Holland , whose Spider-Man will also debut suit.

Directed by the Russo brothers, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ , which premiere is scheduled for May 4, 2018 and will feature Josh Brolin as Thanos , the archivillano who will have to face Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and company .

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