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From 2-D to terrifying

Morgan McCormack, Staff Writer September 23, 2019

Everyone has a favorite Disney classic, whether it be The Lion King or The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Everyone has a movie from their childhood that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. That’s exactly what...

Senior Amelia Tesch works with a middle school student on their performance. Most MN students volunteer once a week.

Over-enrollment treble

Lahari Ramini, News Editor September 20, 2019

The sweet sound of young musicians fills the room while students shuffle around to get their instruments. The solemn cellos play over the deep basses, the perky violas play over the cellos, and above all,...

Vibing with Vitality

Vibing with Vitality

Delano Lockhart, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Emma Chamberlain, Sierra Furtado, James Charles, and many other influencers are known for their trendy clothing, music, style, and food. And after seeing these three influencers and many others rave over...

I dont wear bows, I shoot them

I don’t wear bows, I shoot them

Sam Hoops, Staff Writer September 19, 2019

Feet on the line. Anchor point locked. Visualize the shot. Those routine instructions replay in senior Raegan Bender’s mind as she prepares to take her shot. For the last six years, Bender has competed...

PICTURESQUE PAINTING: The paintings were created by Hannah Branson and are sold on her website and instagram account.

Whimsical waterkolor works

Jessi Mumm, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Watercolors, paint brushes, cardstock, and a pair of Converse are among many things 16 year-old Hannah Branson uses to create her own art business. Branson, a sophomore, grew her passion for painting...

Best brunch bites

Best brunch bites

Isa Luzarraga, Entertainment Editor June 6, 2019

Hearing the mini silver bells chime as I cross the threshold fills me with anticipation. I inhale the sweet smells of maple french toast, sizzling bacon, and roast coffee as I’m escorted to my booth....

Too corny for me

Too corny for me

Kirsten Wandrey, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

There’s one often recurring story we’ve seen repeated a hundred times over: a small-town hick with soaring dreams gets the chance to move to the big exciting city, giving their life a brand new beginning....

Captain marvelous

Captain marvelous

Megan Townsend, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Aliens. Explosions. Nick Fury. All the essentials of a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film. Captain Marvel, set in 90’s Los Angeles, takes all the classics of an MCU movie but gives them a fresh new...

Best cup of coffee

Best cup of coffee

Kirsten Wandrey, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Everyone needs that place- the one where you can cozy up on a couch with friends or some textbooks, order a steaming mug of your favorite roast, and spend hours curled up in the warm, inviting atmosphere...

BESTIES FOR THE RESTIES: Gilmond and Ramirez take a selfie together. The two girls connected after they found out they were both immigrants from South America

Two countries, one friendship

Rachel Holt, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Two countries, two girls, two backgrounds, one friendship.  Freshmen Michelle Gilmond and Maria Ramirez, both immigrants from South America, make their journey to the United States and eventually to MN...

Beating on

Beating on

Lahari Ramini, News Editor April 3, 2019

Approximately 960 babies in the United States are born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This rare condition results in a heart defect. For the son of a science teacher, it resulted in the lack...

Gaga for a Star is Born

Chethana Deedavanu February 20, 2019

Pulling my sister through the bustling crowd outside the  Village Pointe Theatre wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. Sure I had a  “Million Reasons” to watch...

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