Senior dominates varsity in more ways than one

November 19, 2015

She’s kindhearted and amiable. excels in school, runs varsity cross-country, varsity track, swims varsity swim team, and has made state in both cross country and swim. Some even call her spunky and adventurous. Her friends and coaches have nothing but good things to say about her. No, she’s not superwoman. She’s Kayla Ney.

Oftentimes people are highlighted for their unique accomplishments and talents, but many times we miss something essential about each of them: they are students just like us. They are normal high school kids catching up on sleep, struggling with studying for tests, and attending to their social lives in-between.

In all those ways Ney is just like us, the only difference is her ‘I can do it’ attitude and her talent for sports.
Ney has run varsity track sophomore and junior year, swam varsity all three of her previous years at MN, and just finished varsity cross country for her final year, all testament to her giftedness for athletics.

“Kayla is an excellent athlete.  She is successful in three sports teams at Millard North… I have enjoyed coaching her in cross country this season, as well as coaching her in high jump during the track and field season,”  coach Emily Janda said

Ney’s approach to sports is one of adoration and drive, although part of her motivation might be considered quite humorous.

“The reason I do sports is I like feeling healthy, and especially for swimming my metabolism is really fast so I can just eat as much as I want,” Ney said, “I’m not even gonna lie, that is probably the best thing.”

Besides being able to stuff her face with anything chocolate, sports also have given her an awesome way to connect with and get to know other students. Spending that much time with other people means a funny story is bound to come from it.

“For the Millard North Girls Invite we put on some music and had a dance party with all of the swim teams, it was super fun,” Ney said.

However, Ney is not just a great athlete; she is a great student as well. As many athletes know, season can be busy, and for Ney season never really ends.

“For swim season when we have morning and after school practices it’s basically just do what I can, sleep when I can, and do homework during other classes,” Ney said, “Oh my gosh there is just no sleep ever.”

She often misses doing some of the other activities she enjoys doing in her free time like drawing, writing, and crafting. Although many times it is hard work, her encouragement is her friends who are going through the same thing with her. Those who know her are positive that wherever she is taken in life she will do great things.

“Though we will miss her on the cross country team next year, I am excited to see what Kayla does in her future after graduating from Millard North,” Janda said.

She encourages those who are trying to manage their schoolwork and sports to make sure it is something you truly enjoy doing and if it is, not to give up on it and never be afraid to try new things.

“She has dedicated a tremendous amount of time running; two seasons per school year is a lot of running,” track coach Robin Lenz said, “Kayla has the drive and imagination to excel in anything she decides to do.”

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