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Positive Thinking: True or False?

April 13, 2016

As I sat down and stared at the screen before me, I was overwhelmed. It was only the first question, and I didn’t understand what it was saying, or the choices underneath. Words like “Galvanic Cell” or “Electromagnetism” were phrases that almost sounded like they came from a different language. But, I took a deep breath, gave myself some encouragement, and pressed on. Throughout this test, I broke apart the words, using context clues and common sense to be my basis in this course.

This experience motivated me to think positively, where even in my weakest moments, I left feeling victorious. Here at MN, the words “positive thinking” isn’t uncommon. It’s heard on a daily basis, with the environment repeatedly telling them that by thinking positively, that is how one will gain success. But, is what they say true?

Fortunately it is. While it is difficult, even I have found that positive thinking has gotten me to a far better place than focusing on the negative.

Just the other day I walked for about two miles, from my work to home. While it was definitely a long walk, I encouraged myself by telling myself, “I can do this,” and keeping my mind off how much longer I had to walk. By keeping myself busy and happy, the walk went a lot faster than I expected.

Still, accoplishments aren’t the only thing to bring a smile to someone’s face; actions help as well. Opening the door for another student, helping a teacher with their heavy materials as they travel from one room to the next, or putting someone else’ s chair away at lunch can make a difference on someone’s day.

Yet, I do understand that not every moment is going to be a positive one. On the second day of NeSA testing, my positivity was gone the moment my mind said, “I can’t do this.” I grew bored of the task I needed to do, and just wanted to be done, no matter what I got. In the end I didn’t feel so good. I felt like I let myself down.

Understandably, while it is easier said than done, Buzzfeed even states in it’s Youtube post, “5 Mind Hacks to Save Your Mind,” that just fake smiling will help someone to have a better day.

No matter what challenges someone faces, there is always a bright side to it. Positive thinking will bring success, even in the hardest situations.

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