Library cuts leave students in a rush

The MN library has reduced it's hours in the morning by half an hour. This was a result to the reduction of paraprofessional hours.

October 5, 2015

If you find yourself at the school before the day begins you’ll probably wonder what you can do. An option for many students is to go to the library before school. You can study, work on projects with friends, use computers, and more. But this year, if you find yourself at school before 7:30 a.m. you’ll notice a line of students waiting to get inside the library.

The library has reduced its hours in the morning, opening at 7:30 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. The library’s reduced hours are due to a district mandate that cut five paraprofessional hours.
We have two paraprofessionals in the library here at MN. As explained by Teacher Librarian, Stephanie Burdic, a result of the cut hours is that the library is no longer able to staff that extra half-hour in the morning.

Though to some students this change may not seem like a big deal. This half-hour less of work time in the library will be detrimental to student achievement.

For instance, students who frequently come to the library to use computers and print off assignments, the new library hours are frustrating and cause students to feel more rushed. These students may not have the ability to access computers or printers at home so its imperial to their success that they have access to them at school.

Also, the library is a hot spot for students to meet and do group projects. With athletics, clubs and other activities after school, mornings can become the only option for some students who need to work in a group or even just use a computer. But with a half-hour less to work this leaves students in even more of a time crunch.

However,the librarians are aware of this new frenzy of students rushing about to complete assignments and have eliminated morning sign-ins to allow more student work time. They are trying to be as available as possible and help in every way they can.

Nevertheless, as noted before, many students arrive to school before 7:30 a.m., having them sitting on benches or standing in the hallways is unproductive. If the students are already going to be there they should be able to do something constructive with their time.

Having bored students loitering about in the hallways before school could cause an increase in noise and distractions. This could be an issue because some students have no quiet place to study now.

Due to the additional rush and pressure students feel to finish assignments on time, the even smaller amount of available time for students who need to meet to do group work, and the unproductively of students standing in the halls before the library opens, the new library hours will be detrimental to student success.

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