In the world of tech interactions, face to face proves best

January 6, 2016

Our generation lives behind screens texting, snapchatting, and “sliding into the DM’s.” People get cat-fished, fall for this online “true love,” break up with their actual significant other, only to find out that they were conned by their own partner, the one they had just dumped. What has this world come to?

Now, more than ever, people are interacting solely through social media and electronic communication. And now, more than ever, disputes are started through social media and electronic communication. People say they want more personal relationships, away from social media and all electronics, so why not make that happen?

Face-to-face communication is crucial to developing a genuine, high quality relationship; something that electronic communication can’t provide.

Although it is easier to reach people and there is more time to think of responses electronically rather than in person, face-to-face meetings give you immediate responses with authentic expression of feelings. Facial expressions provide insight into how the person truly feels about the topic.

According to the article “What is face-to-face conversation? Advantages and disadvantages” by The Business Communication,
when people communicate in person, they can get an immediate response free of misunderstandings. Instead of using just words when communicating via emails or phones, use of eye contact, verbal and body language shows opinions in face-to-face interaction which better clarifies feelings and ideas.

Likewise, David Alexander of Star Medical states electronic communication is often misunderstood, misread or perceived by the other as rude, though it is not intended to sound that way. Face-to-face discussions minimize the risk of miscommunication.
In addition, in times of conflict, communication in person will protect the relationship from being destroyed, whereas online, hurtful words can be said that aren’t meant.

A study done by Alex Lickerman from Psychology Today observed people using electronic media to make confrontation easier and caused multiple relationships to falter. Often uncomfortable with direct confrontation, people choose to use the internet because it blocks them from registering the negative emotional responses harmful messages create. If face-to-face communication were used to resolve conflicts, the messages will come across with much more empathy than online.

Lastly, face-to-face communication is more personal and feels much more valuable. In a survey done by Forbes, 85% of surveyors had a preference of face-to-face communication due to the fact that it builds stronger, more meaningful relationships. It stated that having lunch or a cup of coffee will give you an opportunity to build a rapport with trust and camaraderie that can’t be felt through electronic communication.

In the process of building a strong relationship, whether it be business or other, electronic communication doesn’t make the cut; you need face-to-face communication. In the long run, you’ll look at the high quality relationships in your life and you’ll know to thank face-to-face communication.

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