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Explorer Program offers great insight into potential careers for students

October 3, 2015

Students have the experience of taking classes about specific occupations through Millard Public Schools by doing Academy, taking college classes in Education, Business, and Culinary.

Now, there is a new program, the Explorer Program that also gives students experience through different careers.

Counselor Jillian Depue recommends this program for any student.

“I think the programs are amazing, and it’s a perfect way to explore their interests and see if that career would be the perfect fit for them,” Depue said.

The Explorer Program is a corporation that brings in experts from the field to teach students all about the importance and responsibilities of specific jobs. Junior Jose Montes is starting with the Douglas Police Department class.

“I signed up for the program because I want to be apart of the DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency. I want to be able to make a difference in our world,” Montes said.

Montes is thrilled to be apart of the Explorer Program to find out more what his future may be.
“I’ve always dreamed about being someone within the law enforcement. It is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Montes said.

Through the Program, Montes gets to experience the different part of his career, with people from the field coming in to teach him.

“It will help me with my leadership, and teach me more about drugs and the crimes out there. It will also let me put myself in other people’s shoes, so I can have the chance to change their lives,” Montes said.

As for those students who still question who they want to be, there is a survey on the website, www.omahaexploring.org, to help them choose.

“It is a personality and interest inventory that helps a student understand more about themselves and then suggests careers that fit their personality,” Depue said.

Through the Explorer Program, it can give students the next step into what they want to be.

“After the DEA, I would want to become a counselor or a motivational speaker. I want to be a role model and have people look up to me. I want to hopefully change their lives,” Montes said.

If there are students interested in signing up for classes, see your guidance counselor, Jillian Depue, or your MT teacher for more information.

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