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Senior spreads positivity throughout school

October 4, 2015

Senior Grant Thomas patiently waits outside. The weather is chilly just as another typical Nebraska winter morning. Hordes of people begin strutting towards the entrance of the building, awaiting their newest day of school.

Yet, Thomas remains there; standing in the inhumane temperatures simply for the sake of others. As he props the door open, many students, enough to fill a small town, greet Thomas and enter the building.

Thomas keeps the door ready for the next person and the next, and the next, until everyone in sight has reached their destination, politely welcoming each one. He does all of this without truly knowing each individual, but to just make a stranger’s life that much easier.

This small, but thoughtful act, is not Thomas’ only contribution to the school. Every lunch, he can be spotted collecting and stacking each chair without use, forfeiting some of his own free period to help the masses.

While most students enjoy their social hour, Thomas saves each a simple problem and returns as many chairs as possible back to their designated zones in the middle.

“I help stack the chairs at lunch after I am done eating. People usually say thank you,” Thomas said.

Yet, he does far more than these tasking chores to encourage his community. Not only does he help in these courteous manners, but also has drive in the classroom, inspiring students and teachers alike.

“He was always very excited to learn math, and he was never satisfied with a partial understanding. He always wanted full explanations. He liked to discuss beyond the classroom” math teacher Mr. White said.

This class became more than just about equations and digits, thanks in part to the help of Thomas around the class, willing to do whatever is required for those that need assistance.

“In the classroom, he was always willing to help others. I’ve noticed he was very polite in general. There was a day last year designated as Autism Awareness Day, where people wore blue in support. That day everyone in our class had blue shirts. The kids are very appreciative,” White said.

Thomas continues his successful attitude after school to the cross-country team, where he puts forth all effort and carries the same gracious outlook.

“Grant is always a hard worker. He shows up every day and is prepared to work. He is someone you can count on to make it to practices and meets,” senior runner Parker Segal said.

Regardless of the situation required of him, Thomas seems to step up to the task without questions. Whether this involves holding doors, stacking chairs, or just helping others in class, Thomas has proven to be reliable, and most of all caring.

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