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The Scary Side of Netflix

What's new this season

November 2, 2015

One of the most thrilling parts of Halloween is getting scared. No matter how tough you are movies can cause you to double-check around every corner and shine a light under your bed at night.

Over the years there have been numerous classic horror films that are the root of many people’s fears.

This autumn, Netflix will feature a Halloween section of streaming movies. However, not all of these scary movies will feature a psycho clown, or peeved ghost. Most of the movies available on Netflix are mysteries and thrillers, and often these films are frightening without having an obvious villain.

Some classic titles that will be featured on Netflix which use the fear of unknown to scare viewers are movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, and Children of the Corn.

These movies are more thought provoking; they play off real life threats, which gives them a scarier appeal. These movies propose the idea that maybe people are the real monsters, not the creatures of folktales.

However, Netflix will also be streaming some cult-classics. The most prominent of these is the Scream series.

These movies follow the main character, Sidney, and her horror movie obsessed friends, through high school into college. Throughout the whole series, a masked killer known by the name “ghost face” torments Sidney. Ironically, this killer always turns out to be someone she is friends with.

While the Scream series isn’t necessarily outrageously spooky, these movies are a pop-culture phenomenon and have noteworthy entertainment value.

Along with movies, Netflix streams many TV series for Halloween that contains scary elements. Some of these popular TV shows include The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Supernatural.

For a fun movie night in with friends and family or a Halloween movie marathon, Netflix will be the place to catch the scariest and most thrilling titles this season.

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