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Minion Craze: What it is and why opinions are raging

October 4, 2015

They are small, yellow, and obnoxious. Their laughter bubbles out from the TV and they dwell in the toy bins of kids across America. Do you know what they are? You guessed it. Minions.

Recently our culture has been overtaken by what many people have termed “minion craze.” Throughout our ever-consuming country there has been an explosion of minion products and advertisements everywhere. And to make it all even more chaotic, opinions of them are raging.

Want a minion backpack? They have those. How about a minion dress? They have that. Have you ever wanted to eat a minion shaped piece Jell-O, Tic-Tac, banana, or even a twinkie that you can dress up as a minion and then eat? Don’t you worry – they have those too.

If these tasty treats fail to satisfy your craving for little yellow creatures, you can always go online and order minion phone cases, keyboard covers, headphones, mugs, goggles, couches, shoes, slippers, hats, pens, or a minion costume for your dog.

And for the icing on the cake, all of those items can arrive from Amazon in a yellow minion box.

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