The Introvert: Bringing out what’s inside

March 8, 2016

I. Interview with senior Shelby Goodrich

What characteristics of your personality make you an introvert?

I am shy, and I strongly dislike having attention drawn to me, or being in front of large groups of people. I prefer to talk to people one on one or in much smaller groups. A lot of times I just need some time and space to think.

How does your social life look different than the social life of an extrovert?

I am very comfortable with my group of friends, so hanging out with them is fun for me. Going to places with new people is overwhelming and scary. However, any social event, whether it be with my group of friends or new people, makes me feel tired and drained by the end. I need time to be alone to regain some energy.

What do you find to be most challenging things to deal with as an introvert?

Participation points in class, group projects, presentations, and Socratic circles are extremely difficult; I often worry about them and can’t sleep the night beforehand. I also dread “get to know you” activities on the first day of school. Small talk is really difficult as well. If I am completely comfortable with a person and they are one of my close friends, then I always enjoy talking to them. Otherwise, I would like to have a purpose of talking to someone. I wouldn’t randomly go up to a person I know to have a conversation just for funsies. A wave hello is sufficient.

What are some things, as an introvert, that come very easily to you?

Since I tend to sit back and soak everything in before speaking or sharing my opinion, I learn a lot about the people around me. This makes it easier later on to know how to get to know them and relate to them. You can learn a lot about people just by observing and paying attention rather than being quick to share everything you’re thinking.

Do you think social media helps you express yourself to other people without being around them? In what ways?

Yes, social media is awesome, because I have time to formulate what I want to say without interruption, and I can share without being in the spotlight. I don’t have to deal with rapid fire questions or people staring at me with social media.

Why are introverts essential to the world?

I think introverts are very patient and understanding people, and they’re lots of fun if you take the time to get to know them! I think they tend to be better listeners, and more empathetic to others, which are two very important things.
What are some tips that you could give to all people to help them understand and build relationships with introverts like you?
Be mindful that some people prefer smaller groups, and not everyone enjoys being in large groups with new people.

If you had one message for all extroverts out there, what would you say?

Shhhh, quiet.

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