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The force has awoken MN Star Wars fans

January 7, 2016

Everyone has something they love. Many love sports or cars; others may love stories, and follow a series like Twilight or Harry Potter, or the Star Wars franchise. For those that love Star Wars, their series will continue.

In 2012, the Walt Disney Company purchased Lucas films, and announced that they will make three more films for the Star Wars franchise. This also meant that these would be the first Star Wars movies that George Lucas would not be in charge of. Instead, Disney went to a new director to head the project, and this combination scared some.

“I have a lot of friends that are Star Wars friends, and I was the only one that wasn’t upset by J.J. Abrams being in charge of the movies.” English teacher Chris Cobb Said. “I was hopeful though, I think Disney is very willing to put money towards making the movies good,”

J.J. Abrams was aware that of these worries, and made an early decision in filming to keep the Star Wars feel, re-cast the main characters from the original series.

“I was worried (that new people were in charge of the films), but there are a lot of the old actors in it and the trailers look good, so I think it’ll be okay,” Senior Andrew Carlson Said.

The Star Wars ‘feel’ may not make sense to some, but for those that knew the movies as children, they are full of nostalgia.

“Some don’t want to admit it, but the Star Wars movies are geared to children. I still remember when I first saw Star Wars with my aunt as a six year old. I loved Darth Vader of all characters, and made my mom buy me a black towel so I could wear it around as a cape,” Cobb Said.

“Star Wars were one of the first action movies I saw as a kid, so it was really exciting to see,” Senior Claudia Holmes.

Even if the movies entranced some as children, that does not mean the stories are not interesting to adults.

“My favorite movie is still Episode III, because of Anakin’s awesome comeback ‘Well from my perspective, the Jedi are Evil!”

Those that are students may still remember the prequel more, but the teachers remember Anakin as Darth Vader.

“I think that Darth Vader is the first modern anti-hero, he is a ‘bad guy’ but people like me were still fascinated with him.”

This character development stretched across six movies and 28 years, and captivated generations. Now, another 10 years after the last release, fans get to witness the first of a new Star Wars trilogy. Cobb wasted no time acquiring tickets.

“It was a Friday that the tickets went on sale, so I sat at the football game hitting refresh on my phone until they went on sale. The moment they did I bought an entire row of seats,” Cobb said.

For some Star Wars fans, they had their attention caught as a child and have been obsessed ever since. However, even if you do not already have plans to watch the movie at the release with your closest 17 friends, I am sure those that are would encourage you to watch it as so as possible.

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