The Extrovert: Explaining their exterior

Q&A with an extrovert

March 8, 2016

E. Interview with junior Nate Shaffer

What characteristics of your personality make you an extrovert?

I am very easy to talk to and someone that people could hopefully look up to as a leader, I also am very comfortable in social settings even if I don’t personally know everyone.

How does your social life look different than the social life of an introvert?

My idea of a fun night would be going out with friends, while an introvert’s idea of a good time might be staying at home and reading or watching Netflix

What do you find to be most challenging things to deal with as an extrovert?

The most difficult thing to deal with is when you have an open Friday or Saturday night but all of your friends are busy and you can’t decide what to do

Do you think the world could use more introverts or extroverts? And why?

I think the world could use some more introverts because they often times do a greater amount of thinking before speaking, whereas extroverts tend to speak openly without putting a whole lot of thought behind what they are saying

Do you find relationships with certain people in your life harder than others to deal with? Who would those people be?

Definitely, I struggle connecting with people in my life who are shy and not-talkative. It is pretty hard to keep a conversation going with these types of people

How is it easiest for you to grow close and become comfortable with a person?

Making that second step and inviting them to lunch or to hang out and just talking to them is when i really feel like I grow closer with someone

Do you find it easier to express yourself in person or online as an extrovert? Why or why not?

Mostly in person, it is hard to express yourself fully on social media

Why are extroverts essential to the world?

The world needs extroverts because they are the people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and not afraid to jump to the challenge of being a leader

What are some tips that you could give to all people to help them understand and build relationships with extroverts like you?

I would say the best advice would be to understand that extroverts aren’t going to be like introverts, they aren’t going to talk or act the same as each other so to not expect someone to change who they are instead to just accept their qualities and uniqueness.

If you had one message for all introverts out there, what would you say?

The ability to listen to one another and be content with not speaking the whole time is a trait that many people (including myself) wish to possess. You guys are the people that keep the world balanced.

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