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Let the graduation festivities begin

What seniors are planning at their grad parties for guests to enjoy

May 18, 2016

Food, friends, funny pictures, and aspiring teens. What more can you ask for from a graduation party? As their final days at MN approach, in addition to school finals and college plans, the seniors are working on their graduation parties.

Each year we attend countless graduation parties. Students, looking to take a twist on the traditional party and add their own flare, are redesigning their parties to make them interactive and unique.

One popular option this year is a video that compiles one second of video from every day of the student’s senior year. Seniors Jessica Ruhlman and Sophia Holt are both planning on presenting these videos at their graduations parties.

“I mostly like to take videos of the people and activities in my life, so usually what I am involved in that day or if I’m not doing a lot I will just take a video of the friends around me,” Ruhlman said.

Senior Emily Moor also has taken a unique look at graduation party entertainment.

“In my backyard I’m having a bunch of games set up including giant Jenga, which I think will be interesting,” Moor said.  

For decorations, senior Jacob Coughlin is prepared to amaze the crowds of incoming friends and family.

“There is a mixed theme between college and high school, so half of the party will be decorated Mustang with blue and green while the other half is decorated Husker themed in red and white,” Coughlin said.

The last element to planning the perfect graduation party is food. Senior Melanie Harvey is having the pancake man come to her graduation party. There will be pancakes, sausage links, fresh fruit, and toppings.

Along with the pancakes we decided to have cookies in the shape of “Little Melanies” instead of the typical cake or brownies”

— Melanie Harvey

While many people take the liberty of supplying all of their snacks at their graduation parties, Harvey has raised the bar this year.

“I decided on this idea after my mom offered it up when we saw him at a fundraising event earlier on in the year. And we thought let’s hire him to make pancakes instead of the usual food at grad parties,” Harvey said.  

Finally, the most important part of graduation parties is to celebrate the time spent in high school and look forward to new opportunities ahead.

“I’m also planning on having  little notepads for people to write a memory, piece of advice, or something like that to put in a jar; that way I can bring it to college and read what people said when I’m homesick,” Moor said.

With so many options for graduation parties, students have really taken a new and engaged perspective on personalizing their parties. With incredible entertainment, activities, and food, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s senior graduation parties.

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