Outdrive your competition

Sophomore Katie Ruge breaks school record with 69, 3 under par


Lilianne Taylor

Sophomore Katelyn Ruge looks down the fairway after taking a practice swing. Ruge later won districts at Holmes Golf Course in Lincoln with a 78.

Anna Pipinos, Staff Writer

“Our old school record was a 70 shot in 2007 by our only state champion, Armana Christenson.  I knew Katie was probably going to go below 70 at some point this season when I watched her shoot a 66 this past summer at the Nebraska Junior Golf Championship,” Coach of MN’s varsity golf team Eric Welte said. 

As a sophomore in high school, Katie Ruge not only took first place at the Nebraska Junior Golf Championship, but on September 1st at the Pius X Tournament, Ruge set the new MN golf record of 69, three under par. 

Starting the competition off on the right foot, Ruge scored an eagle on the first hole. Continuing her lead, Ruge scored another eagle with a hole out from 50 yards. 

“At this point, I was feeling extremely excited and my heart was pumping so fast. So, with each and every shot I took, I kept trying my hardest to continue my good luck,” Ruge said. 

At the Pius X Tournament, Ruge was surrounded by state-ranked players who brought her anxious side out. With her countless number of experiences in tournaments, she was able to subside her nerves and let her self-confidence take over. 

“I have played in many tournaments, so I have learned to control my nerves into energy and determination even through the bad shots. I knew the stakes were high, and I had a good chance of winning as long as I just kept my nerves to a minimum,” Ruge said. 

Throughout the tournament, Coach Welte remained confident in Katie’s game and hoped that she would continue being strong.

“When she got to 4 under par through 5 holes I knew she was going to be going low!  I actually texted her mom to tell her what was going on,” Welte said. 

Ending the tournament with a total score of 69, three under par. 

“This win was incredible. It was my first ever high school win, and it meant so much to me. It feels super fullfing to accomplish something I have dedicated so much into,” Ruge said. 


Years and years of long, hard practices, private lessons, and tournaments with numerous coaches truly helped Ruge’s talent in golf skyrocket and achieve this feat. 

“Jamie Stodgill (Ruge’s private lesson coach)  took my golf career to a whole other level. He helped me become so much better which really excelled my love for golf,” Ruge said. 

However even after her triumph, Ruge continues to want to set the bar higher and higher for herself.

“Katie sets high goals for herself both on and off the golf course.  She is self-motivated and very driven to always do her very best. These skills will help her be successful in whatever she does in life,” Ruge’s mom, Laurie Ruge said. 

Eyes set on the prize, Ruge plans on making D1 golf in college.

“If I could choose any wish to become true for my golf game, it would be for me to have a fun and successful golf career in college. I know if I continue to put the hard work and hours in this, it can become a reality for me,” Ruge said.