Ace in the state

Nationally ranked volleyball team killing the season

Keirstin Harkleroad, Staff Writer


Redemption is an important part of every team. Sometimes there are rough games or difficult practices, but redemption always gives players the opportunity to bounce back.

Redemption is in the mind of every MN varsity volleyball player as they work towards a State  Championship with the help of coaches and a growing fan-base.

In 2016, the MN varsity volleyball team was victorious, winning state by beating Marian. In 2017, the team was defeated by Marian, receiving second place. Now, in 2018, this goal of winning state seems attainable once again. Being nationally ranked at 17th and the best in Nebraska, the volleyball team continues to confidently overcome their challen

ges and continues down the path toward State.

“What has challenged me the most this season is not settling. We have had a really good season so far, and we have to keep improving,” junior Izzy Lukens said.

Lukens has certainly not settled with 129 digs and 518 assists so far this season.

With this goal in mind, the team works extremely hard every practice and every game. Being number one in Nebraska is a position that must be upheld. Luckily, the highly-successful varsity team can handle this pressure.

“We always say, they have a target on their backs so they need to come out every game ready and willing to work and know that no matter what the other team is going to give them their best,” assistant coach Meghan Evans said. “They have to be on their A-game every single time.”

The team has been working harder than ever, especially on defense, eager to win a State Championship. They play every game with this goal in mind, knowing that other schools will play their hardest as well. All of this is done while being among friends.

“My favorite part about being on the Millard North Varsity Volleyball team is

that I get to play with my best friends,” senior Paige Holdsworth said. “These girls have made being a part of the team an unforgettable experience, and will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Holdsworth adds to the experience with an impressive amount of 141 kills so far this season. As a senior, Holdworth is eager for another championship title to cap off her final season as a Mustang.

The positive bond between everyone on the team is something rare. It helps encourage fans to come to games and it motivates students to support them. A combination of hard work and strong relationships further strengthens the team and has expanded the student section.

“The support we have gotten from the school and students has been awesome. We love when they show up and cheer at our games because it gives the gym a whole new atmosphere,” senior Emmy Grant said. “It definitely motivates the team to be on their best game.”

Grant’s 55 blocks this season help bring the crowd back each game. The support provided by the increased number of fans help keep her and the team both focused and motivated during practice and games.

The team continues to impress fans and practice hard, working to overcome every obstacle thrown their way. With this support, the players hope to achieve the ultimate goal of winning State.