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Three minutes seems like an impossibly short amount of time. That’s only half of a passing period. But in that amount of time, MN students and staff were able to raise $3,843.93.

MN partnered with the United Way to do a series of three flash fundraising activities from Oct. 10-12. Everyday, the school was given one minute to pile up as much money as they could, and the class that made the most money was rewarded with Hy-Vee donuts, sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, or cookies from the Mustang Mart. Our total of almost $4,000 raised was then donated to the United Way.

Students and staff should be proud for donating so much to such a worthy cause.

The United Way is a nonprofit organization that helps communities around the world have access to better paying jobs, education, and healthy environments. The United Way helps at least 50 million people each year according to the United Way website.

While the United Way is a worldwide organization, it has hundreds of local organizations throughout the U.S. This means that your donated money will go directly towards helping people in your community.

Not only was this fundraiser great for the United Way, but it was also great for the school. To see the whole school all work together for a common goal really showed our school spirit. Since MN is such a big school, it can be hard for us to all come together and work for a common goal, but over those three days we were able to show our school generosity more than ever.

MYP coordinator Amber Ripa and assistant principal Mary Bayne organized the fundraiser.

“I was expecting to raise maybe $500 a day, so they went above and beyond what we thought they would do,” Ripa said.

Ripa said that in the past, the school has had a hard time getting students involved and excited about donating for these types of events, but this year was very different. Students and teachers went out of their way to  donate as much as they could, so much so that we had to ask Chick-fil-A for a second box of sandwiches.

“It was awesome to see how many kids got excited about donating and giving back,” Ripa said.

The whole staff and administration was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s commitment to this fundraiser. To have the whole school come together for this cause was exciting for everyone involved.

Our donation of $3843.93 will be used by the United way to help thousands of families throughout the  midwest. In half of a passing period students and staff were able to collect almost $4000. Time isn’t a limitation when it comes to MN generosity.

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United in the Spirit of Giving