It’s About Time We Pull The Plug On PDA

PDA, or Public Display of Affection, has long been a part of the high school experience. However, we, as students, have come to see a rise in this display. Couples have been seen showing their affection in open view for an audience of students and teachers alike. We have no problem with PG PDA (i.e. hand holding and hugs), but when it becomes excessive and aggressive PDA, it is disturbing.
After interviewing several students and teachers, The Hoofbeat gathered various opinions on the matter of PDA. Here is what we learned:

1. Everyone can see you.
Although the consensus is that PDA has no effect on one’s overall day, when your path to class is blocked by an overly affectionate couple, it’s hard to miss. On top of that, locking eyes with someone caressing their significant other is bad news for all parties involved. It was also noted that no matter how much effort is put into hiding in a deep corner with your partner, you are still very visible. The rule has always been, “If you can see someone, they can see you.” Either way, even a glimpse is uncomfortable. Private Displays of Affection are recommended.

2. It’s not only awkward for you, but for teachers as well.
As adults who are tasked with regulating the students, it is expected that teachers keep the hallways appropriate and safe for all. When teachers see students participating in behavior with each other that isn’t appropriate for a public high school, they are expected to approach those students. This is awkward for them. Teachers do not typically enjoy breaking up these affectionate rendezvous. Not only is it unpleasant to be called out for PDA, it is also unpleasant to call out PDA.

3. Hugs and hand holding? No big deal.
When asked what kinds of PDA is appropriate, both students and teachers agreed that holding hands and hugs are acceptable forms of PDA in school. It’s not obnoxious. It’s not attention-grabbing and it’s not invasively awkward for the general public. However, like all aspects of life, anything in excess is just too much. So don’t go overboard. Limit your hugs to three seconds or less, and stick with only holding each other’s hands—or, better yet, morph them together for a hand hug.

4. There’s a time and a place for everything.
It’s all about teaching students when the appropriate time is for being affectionate with their partners. It is possible that some students are genuinely unaware of their behavior. School is not the place; we come here to learn and teach. Moments with your partner should be special and not broadcasted for the general public to see. Affection is more meaningful and intimate when it’s between the two of you.

We get it. You guys are really into each other. And you do have the right to express your interest to each other. But there are certain social boundaries that are necessary to learn not only for your high school career, but for your future professional career as well. So next time you feel like “showing some love,” please don’t show us too.