Spreading awareness of global issues

November 17, 2015

In order to inform students about the Malala Fund and social injustices around the world, English teacher and Amnesty sponsor Ronda Betzold also planned a field trip for her Honors English 9 classes. They watched the film “He Named Me Malala” at Film Streams.

“I organized the trip for the ninth graders to tie into the unit on social injustice. It also helped that an organization paid for the transportation and tickets. The field trip became a starting point to talk about social injustice and the things going on around the world,” Betzold said.

Along with the freshman, Amnesty members went on the field trip as well because there were additional spots on the trip. The documentary gave insight into the lives of people living in different parts of the world.

“I thought it was a great film that gave me a new perspective on equality. I became more aware about women empowerment in less developed countries and that it needs to be more prominent for equality,” junior Amnesty member Sahr Qureishi said.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and got a lot out of the experience. It became a good learning experience and students really started to appreciate the opportunities available to them.

“The documentary was very inspiring and made me value going to school a lot more. I don’t really like getting up every morning and going to school, but after seeing Malala’s story and so many others, it made me value the opportunity that I get,” freshman Annie Gurnett said.

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