Planning an unforgetable night

Students in Advanced Marketing bond together as they plan the Powder Puff


Anna Pipinos, Editor-in-Chief

“I am excited to see some girls get dusted by girls who are on the track team. It’ll be a fun night,” senior Blane Wheeler said.

On August 29, students in Advanced Marketing were given the task to plan Powderpuff by September 21.

“Powderpuff has been ran by Advanced Marketing for quite a few years now, and it’s just something we like to do in the fall as it’s a really fun event for everyone to come together and watch,” senior Aaron Morrissey said. 

With an image in mind of what they wanted this year’s Powderpuff game to look like, the student’s broke off into three groups, each taking care of different tasks.

“We split up into three committees: the administration, the promotion, and the volunteering committee. We all spent time in-class and out-of-class planning for this event before pushing out the Google Form for the girls to fill out,” senior Ava Hollingsworth said.

Given free range to do what they like, the students kicked around multiple ideas in order to help ensure that their plans for this year’s game were perfect.  

“My favorite part about helping with Powderpuff is the creative liberty our teacher gives us. It was a lot of fun to discuss with my classmates about what was a cool t-shirt design and what else we could add to the game to make it more exciting,” Wheeler said.

Throughout the whole process of arranging Powderpuff, the students benefited in multiple ways, one of them being able to experience what it’s like to plan a massive event. 

“For DECA, while we make a small profit to help stipend students’ fees for competitions, we really benefit from planning an event and keeping track of the expenses. It is like planning a real business event, so we are getting that real experience,” Hollingsworth said. 

The students also profited from the experience by having time to bond with each other, helping many of them to grow closer with one another. 

“I really liked working with the people in my class because of how fun they are to be around,” Morrissey said. “I’ve also never experienced or even watched Powderpuff, and I am excited to see everyone come together to watch the girls in our grade play. 

However, although the organizers noticed themselves growing closer as friends, they also noted the benefits for the girls competing. 

“Powderpuff has given a chance for a lot of girls to go on the football field and have football players as their coaches, which is a fun little flip from what we normally see at football games,” Hollingsworth said.

However, Powderpuff doesn’t just give the girls an opportunity to play on the field. 

“For the girls who have played in previous years, we’ve seen how it has strengthened and created new bonds between girls, as well as helped create a sense of teamwork between the girls,” Hollingsworth said. 

With all of their work and stress  being over, the students from Advanced Marketing excitedly wait for the event to commence. 

“My favorite part about helping with Powderpuff is chatting with the players and hearing their excitement for tonight’s game,” Hollingsworth said. “I really think it is going to go well tonight, and [I’m excited] to see the competitiveness from both teams.