‘Fuel good, feel good’

Nutrition 402’s healthy spin on shakes and teas

Anna Pipinos, Lifestyle Editor

Finding a treat that wouldn’t hinder my weight loss progress, that could satisfy my notorious sweet tooth, and that wasn’t chocolate chip cookie dough Halo Top ice cream had proven to be quite the challenge. And on a Friday evening, my brother and I were feeling quite the urge to have something delectable, and so, as per usual, we went on a quick run to Super Target to pick up a pint of my favorite flavored Halo Top. 

Seeing me leaving Target empty-handed, with a frown spread across my face, my brother chirped up and told me about a small local shake shop in the vicinity that could hopefully satiate  my craving. Without any hesitation, I drove us to the small shop tucked in between two shops in K. Plaza named Nutrition 402. 

As we walked up to the building, the monotone color of the outside was quite misleading since the inside of Nutrition 402 was rather contemporary looking. The sleek, black wooden tables decorated with miniature plants and trees, the natural lighting, and the gray neutral coloring of the walls all fit into the Scandavian architectural aesthetic. 

A lady greeted us a few moments after we walked in, and began our order. My brother and I had never been there before, and the worker was happy to explain to us all the different types of protein shakes and teas to choose from. 

Starting off with the meal replacement protein shakes, she explained that there are twelve different categories of flavors with multiple different subcategories for each flavor. She then proceeded to explain that there are three levels to the teas: tea and aloe; tea, aloe, and liftoff; tea, aloe, liftoff, and collagen. 

As a passionate lover of chocolate chip cookie dough, I decided to order the regular sized chocolate chip cookie dough shake,  and my indecisive brother finally ordered a large tea of the week, blue raspberry tea. The total came down to being $12.50. 

The worker there was quick with fixing up our drinks compared to the average time it would take in a Starbucks. And when she finally presented the shake and tea to us, we were beaming with excitement. 

The protein shake was filled to the rim and had chocolate chips sprinkled on top. The tea was filled with ice and an ombre of yellow and green. The presentation of both the shake and tea was almost as superb as the taste of them. 

I fell in love with the chocolate chip cookie dough protein shake. I was somewhat expecting it to be chalkier because of previous experience with protein shakes, but the flavor and texture were perfect. The shake overall tasted exactly like the chocolate chip cookie dough Halo Top ice cream. The heartiness of the shake also came as quite the surprise to me since I had doubted that they’d actually serve as a meal replacement. 

The blue raspberry tea was almost flawless. The ombre of the tea was made up of three different flavors: the bottom layer was raspberry tea, the second layer was the sweetened lemon tea, and the third layer was blue raspberry tea. Out of the three flavors, the raspberry tea was the most spectacular of the three. 

The only downside of the tea was the ratio of ice to tea. The ice began to water down the powerful flavors of the tea as the minutes started to tick by. By the end, I couldn’t differentiate whether I was drinking water or tea. 

I was overall surprised with my level of satisfaction of  Nutrition 402 since it was better than expected. There were a whopping 80 distinct flavored protein shakes and 68 teas, which is fantastic for people with particular tastes. It may have been a tad overpriced, but it was nothing short of delicious.