Three views on a lovely day

Adrian Enzastiga, Staff Writer


This would be a night to appreciate all the platonic relationships in your life. Get a group of ladies together to go shopping, or invite over some of your bros and watch the game. There is no worry to look nice or find the perfect gift. Enjoy being single and have fun with your best friends.

Junior Maggie Riess is already planning a girls’ night out.

“My show choir group Illumination is having an all group sleepover because we are emphasizing girl power instead of needing men. I choose to spend it with friends because friends are the most impactful people in my life,” Riess said.

Riess and her friends can be a role model for those searching for a relationship. You need not one to be content.


Imagine a night to yourself. Nobody to worry about but yourself and possibly a couple of pets. You can go get yourself a pedicure, or maybe a massage. Go workout! Do something you’ve been too busy to do; make it your own. As some might say, it would be a night to “treat yo’ self”.

Similarly, sophomore Aron Murnane is preparing to be alone on this holiday.

“I’m probably going to spend all my time alone because I have no one in my life. It doesn’t upset me as much as it upsets everyone else but at the same time a relationship wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world,” Murnane said.

So, if you are one of those individuals who have no one to be with on Valentine’s Day, try to make the most of it. Don’t be too sad that you’re alone.


A classic version of this lovely holiday. A romantic night to remember with someone you love. Whether it be candlelit dinner or just a casual movie, it will be a special time with your significant other. But be cautious, anyone who is lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day this way will most likely be chastised by their single friends.

Seniors Tatum Morris and her boyfriend, Ethan Graves, are planning a low-key Valentine’s Day and have some advice to other couples out there.

“We will order in a pizza and watch a movie. It’s not a huge holiday so don’t make a big deal out of it,” Morris said.

This advice can be given to singles as well. Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year, and should not be important enough to stress over.