There's no business like snow business

Michaela Mass, Online Editor

We have long surpassed the days of seemingly endless warm sunshine by the pool. However, one summer treat spot remains open despite the approaching winter season. Snowbowl Cafe recently opened up in place of the TCBY frozen yogurt shop on 14506 W Center Rd in the Harvey Oaks Plaza.

The up and coming dessert shop offers more than just your typical ice cream in a waffle cone. With the lack of foodie shops in the area, the Snowbowl’s arrival with some of the most trendy food items to date was incredibly exciting. In the midst of the standard Starbucks and Scooter’s, the Snowbowl appeared to be a fresh spot to enjoy a treat with friends and family.

As I walked into the Snowbowl, I felt like I was immediately immersed into a snowy wonderland. The white tables and bright walls illuminated against the juxtapositioning dark and chilly night. Like a cascading waterfall, polaroids of past customers smiling were displayed on one wall. The sweet aromas from the sugary treats quickly reminded me of Christmas Eve at my house after making the holiday’s desserts. The beaming smiles of the staff welcomed me as I scanned the menu that seemed to offer an endless amount of choices.

The first dessert item to catch my eye was the Mount Coffee – this was no surprise, for coffee is always my go-to flavor. After a few minutes of indecisive deliberation between my dining partner and I, we settled on the  Mount Coffee Shaved Snow and Mango Bubble Tea with strawberry bobas.

This frozen treat, the Mount Coffee, consisted of coffee flavored shaved snow, coffee flavored jellies, chocolate chips, and a caramel drizzle. To my delight, the shaved ice looked like layers of cocoa colored snow; however, there was less shaved ice than I would have hoped there to be in the dessert. The bold coffee flavors did not make up for the unpleasant texture that the soft, chewy jellies and crunchy chocolate chips created. After a few bites, I had to separate the jellies and chocolate chips to fully enjoy the dish.

Along with the Mount Coffee shaved ice, I ordered the Mango Bubble Tea with Strawberry Bobas. I love bubble tea, and I am a frequent customer to the downtown Omaha’s Thirst Tea. Therefore, I was thrilled to hear that the tea was being sold a bit closer to home.

The Mango Bubble Tea itself was not superb, yet it is tasty enough to save a trip and some money compared to traveling to Thirst Tea. The Snowbowl’s strawberry bobas, were lacking in number. This disappointed me, for the boba’s are my favorite part of bubble tea. Overall, the Snowbowl’s take on bubble tea was a 3 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

Perhaps my expectations were too high from viewing countless foodie videos of these items on social media and hearing the previous raving reviews of this new cafe. However, Snowbowl Cafe was a worthwhile food experience. The service was above excellent and the food was one of a kind for West Omaha. It is in my best wishes that the Snowbowl survives the snowy winter season and continues to provide people with a new and unique dessert experience.