Old Market’s Sweet New Hive

Chocolat Abeille brings a petite Paris to Omaha

Michaela Mass, Online Editor

In the midst of the buzzing commotion from downtown Omaha, a unique shop settled itself in the Old Market. Chocolat Abeille recently opened up in December and has been making headlines ever since its debut. This French inspired shop provides Omaha with gourmet chocolate and homemade honey.
While wandering through the busy streets of the Old Market, it was not difficult to spot Chocolat Abeille from a distance due to the giant golden bee on display above the door. The instant I opened the doors, it was as though I was transported to a parisian shop. The white brick and wooden floors added aged charm to the chocolate shop, while the curved pattern on the deep blue-green wall created an elegant twist.
As I was enamored with the sheer French elegance of the shop, the owner, Tina Tweedy, greeted me with a smile in the midst of her work on a fresh batch of chocolates. Each chocolate was being delicately hand painted with different colors and patterns on each flavor. The aroma of dark cocoa flooded my senses.
During our conversation, she eagerly explained the method of her chocolate making and her inspiration for Chocolat Abeille. Tweedy expressed how her love of French culture influenced her dream for this chocolate shop. Chocolat Abeille translates to chocolate bee in French. I myself am captivated by French culture, so it was inspiring to witness a woman transform this love into a successful business in her hometown.
After my conversation with Tweedy, I continued to admire the shop. Elements of fantasy were incorporated by the chocolate heeled shoes in a glass display, which reminded me of the French tale of Cinderella. The thought and detail given to the shop was expressed by the tiny gold bees that were scattered along the brick wall. Glass honey jars glistened from the evening sun as they were proudly displayed on shelves.
I could not help but continue to be delighted by the art of the chocolates. The rows of diverse flavors and colors popped behind the glass case. I began my Chocolat Abeille tasting experience with my favorite type of chocolate: dark chocolate. Stamped with a bee and dusted with gold powder, it was as beautiful as it was delicious. The rich taste of cocoa lingered on my taste buds after each bite.
Along with this, I tried the Chocolate Lavender and Milk Chocolate with Honey. The essence of lavender complimented the deep chocolate with every taste. While I do not prefer milk chocolate, I was sincerely impressed with the Milk Chocolate with Honey. The smooth taste of honey paired wonderfully with the sweet milk chocolate.
While the shop is a worthwhile trip, for a high school student, costs may add up quickly. It was $8 and change to get the two dark chocolate squares, Chocolate Lavender piece, and Milk Chocolate with Honey piece. However, the time and effort given to each chocolate and jar of honey proves that the price is well justified.
Chocolat Abeille exists as more than a simple chocolate and honey shop; it is an experience. I could not help but leave this parisian paradise with good spirits and intentions to return when I find myself in the Old Market again.