Set on being stars

For students, living out their acting dreams is a priority after graduation

Anna Pipinos, Lifestyle Editor

Although many of us once had the aspiration to become an actor or actress, only a few have continued to follow their dreams of being in the spotlight. Two of these rare individuals walk amongst us in our halls, seniors Cartney McGuigan and Wayne Hudson. 

As the final days of their senior year continue to slowly tick away, McGuigan and Hudson have stayed hard at work, preparing themselves for the journey that awaits them. 

“Once I had started high school, I had taken it upon myself to watch as many movies as possible and take classes that reflect my devotion to acting. I am also in  ‘Mamma Mia!’at school right now, and I’m an intern at The Rose [Theater],” Hudson said.  

Musical director Megan Swain has no doubt that Hudson’s countless hours of practicing, movie watching, and rehearsing have helped him further refine his acting talent. 

“Wayne has had an incredible mastery for acting from a very young age. He has a feel for what messages need to be conveyed and knows how to go about doing it. Wayne’s charisma, his confidence, and eagerness to learn are all factors that set him apart from the rest,” Swain said. 

 After high school, both McGuigan and Hudson hope to pursue their dreams, but both want to go about it in different directions. McGuigan’s plan involves moving to Los Angeles to begin her acting career right away.  

“I plan on moving to LA in September and not going to college, which scares me because I don’t know if not going to college is the best decision out there. I am just going to try and see if it works out,” McGuigan said. 

Although McGuigan is hesitant, Swain believes that her devotion to working hard and earning what she deserves will bring her success in the industry. 

“I think Cartney has a wonderful sense of drive. She will not stop until she has the answers, or has made improvement. She is quick to ask questions and find success in everything she does,” Swain said.

However, even with her concerns, McGuigan remains determined in pursuing her lifelong dream in the film industry, as it is a field that touches many hearts. 

“The film industry obviously has some dark parts about it, but I also just love how people use it to benefit others by creating a handful of movies that have shown stories that may have never been told otherwise,” McGuigan said. 

Like McGuigan, Hudson plans on moving to Los Angeles. However, before he travels to the City of Angels, he intends on studying acting at Columbia College in the fall.   

And as fall approaches, the two have taken it upon themselves to begin to weigh their options regarding  what types of movies or television shows they’d like to be a part of  in the film industry.  

“I have started to realize that theater is not my favorite, and I’m not capable of seeing myself continuing on with it. I believe that the way that film tells stories is better than the way theater does, as it feels more captivating,” McGuigan said. 

With the fiery ambitions to pursue a job in the film industry, Hudson and McGuigan continue to daydream about the six simple little words they hope to hear one day: “Take one. Ready, set, and action!”