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Picture Perfect

Student photographer snaps the attention of senior customers

November 2, 2015

For MN senior Abby Nicolas, snapping pictures is more than just a hobby. With senior year in full swing, the stress of taking senior pictures is not so much stress, but more of a passion. Entrepreneurs who master their craft generally have humble beginnings. Such is the case with Nicolas and her photography business.

“I started taking pictures with my iTouch in 4th grade of my dog and siblings and then the summer before freshman year, my friend and me decided to remake some pictures from Taylor swifts’ album cover art. That was the first time I really played around with an actual camera, after that, I started taking pictures of just about everything,” Nicolas said.

The economic side of hobbies can be overwhelming; handling money and interacting with customers can be a handful. Not only does Nicolas have to worry about the business realm of photography, but also the increasingly competitive market in Omaha causes some added stress.

“Omaha’s photography market is one of the most saturated in the country. Luckily, the demand for pictures is also very high it’s not expensive, but I’m trying to create a bigger client base, so I try to keep my prices lower than usual” Nicolas said.

Nicolas doesn’t let the hectic business area of photography bother her. Her sense of humor keeps her afloat during busy times in her life.

“I was on a senior shoot, and we went to the prairie for some pictures and I noticed something move behind her, and it turns out it was a deer sitting right behind the girl I was taking pictures of; he was just chilling there,” Nicolas said.

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