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The Extrovert: Explaining their exterior

Tyler Collins, In-Depth Editor March 8, 2016

E. Interview with junior Nate Shaffer What characteristics of your personality make you an extrovert? I am very easy to talk to and someone that people could hopefully look up to as a leader, I also...

Divided Over a Day For Love

Christina Youn, Front Page Editor February 9, 2016

February 14, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Various reds and pinks can be seen while heart-shaped chocolates are ubiquitous when walking around a grocery store. Valentine’s Day is a day...

The force has awoken MN Star Wars fans

Liam Hession, Staff Writer January 7, 2016

Everyone has something they love. Many love sports or cars; others may love stories, and follow a series like Twilight or Harry Potter, or the Star Wars franchise. For those that love Star Wars, their...

Featured Teachers

Haley Elder, Staff Writer November 19, 2015
I think that Mr. Geerts’ tweets are nice, like a hand full of rubies. Quantity. They’re impressively common and still really good. Mr. Harding’s [tweets] are like a big diamond. Quality. Their rarity makes them better. -Casey Stokes

Post from the past

Priya Kukreja, In-Depth Editor November 19, 2015

Ian Swanson, Millard North Alumni (class of 2010) and current 2016 candidate for Nebraska Legislature has first–hand experience with the perpetuity of the internet. As Swanson builds and expands his...

Mustang Time Investigators

Priya Kukreja, Staff Writer November 19, 2015

As freshmen trotted into MT last week, they were instructed to engage in an activity that required intensive research of strangers online. At first, students were concerned that they were instructed to...

Picture Perfect

Josh Shaffer, Media Editor November 2, 2015

For MN senior Abby Nicolas, snapping pictures is more than just a hobby. With senior year in full swing, the stress of taking senior pictures is not so much stress, but more of a passion. Entrepreneurs...

Tennis Transactions

Priya Kukreja, Staff Writer November 2, 2015

From pricey racquets to expensive lessons, tennis has gained a reputation as an exclusive sport. Without access to the right connections, it’s often difficult to actively get involved in the sport. However,...

Down and Dirty

Priya Kukreja, In-Depth Editor November 2, 2015

As the school year progresses, students and faculty are becoming accustomed to bounding hallway barriers and covert construction clamors. Although most people will only witness the exposed portions of...

Beyond the Barriers

Priya Kukreja, In-Depth Editor November 2, 2015

With the towering white hallway barriers, stripped empty walls, and absence of school doors, students often complain that Millard North is starting to feel no different than a prison. While the navigation...

Joint Jewels

Priya Kukreja, Staff Writer October 31, 2015

Junior Lexi Pfeffer was browsing through goods and apparel at local trade store, Scout, when she came across an ad for local artists to sell their work. Pfeffer immediately spotted an opportunity and recognized...

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